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Manuscript Assessment


An editorial letter written exclusively for you

A mini writing guide tailored to help develop your story into its best!

Manuscript Assessment

What is manuscript assessment? 

A manuscript assessment, as the term suggests, is an assessment of your manuscript (fiction or nonfiction) in the form of an editorial letter or report or memo. 

What can you expect from manuscript assessment?

  • A comprehensive editorial report, as long as two dozen pages or even more

  • A professional and friendly editor 

  • Insights on whether your characters are rounded enough, whether their desires and fears are credible enough, whether there is enough to drive them to their goals or simply what is keeping readers from suspending their belief

  • Strengths and weaknesses in your manuscript w.r.t. big picture aspects such as themes, plot, pace, structure, the point of view, coherence of thought and more

  • A passionate and ardent document advocating for the writer to hone, and/or improve (not change) their voice, style and content

  • An argumentative letter that’s meant to help you meet the potential in your idea and/or your intention as the author 

  • A free of cost virtual call after the submission of the report  

      Benefits: What do you gain?

  • A clear understanding that a professional book editor has read your story multiple times figuring out your intention as the author.

  • A clear understanding about what’s working well in the story or its strengths

  • A clear understanding about what’s not working well in the story or its weaknesses

  • Actionable suggestions on how to revise and meet the potential in your idea

  • Examples to substantiate any arguments and observations

  • Insights that are unique to your story and genre

  • Actionable and constructive feedback 

  • Suggestions on how you can revise or rethink a certain problem area that calls for urgent attention. 

  • A free one hour virtual call with me to discuss doubts 

    When should you seek an assessment? 

  • After finishing writing your manuscript as you feel unsure what to do next.

  • Before you submit to agents and publishers

  • After you have published: if you find readers are unhappy about the book or you feel that working on the story may help find more readers or a better response.

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