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Manuscript Assessment


Manuscript Assessment

The simplest way to understand a manuscript assessment is from the term itself. A manuscript assessment is an assessment in the form of an Editorial Letter or Report or Memo. While this can be anywhere from a few pages to 20 pages, it always depends on the nature of the manuscript. While this is cheaper than developmental edit, but not a replacement for the latter. 

  • This is especially useful if the manuscript is in its early stages and the author is just looking for an objective review.

  • A manuscript assessment helps if you are looking for a larger picture view along with feedback that is objective and constructive. 

  • You will get a detailed analysis of the most important aspects, be it the theme, plot, structure, dialogue, characterisation, conflict, motive, goals, pacing etc.

  • Manuscript assessment applies to fiction and non-fiction.

  • Since an assessment primarily entails a report, the editor makes no changes within the manuscript.

  • This is relatively cheaper than a developmental edit as the editor does not change anything within the manuscript.

  • Repeated errors will only be pointed out, including incomprehensibility, dialogue tags, tense, punctuation, spellings etc.

  • I will do a random fact check to assess overall credibility. Note this is not a full fact check of the manuscript.

As part of manuscript assessment, you get a 50 minute online (audio only) consultation in which I take you through major concerns, suggestions and answer your questions. To make the most from this, please read the report carefully and prepare questions beforehand. The call is done only after the report is submitted. 

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