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My Amazon Product Description*

In the year 2012, author Alessandra Torre self-published her book on Amazon and was selling 5-15 copies a day for the first three months. However, when she changed her blurb, the sales rose to 300 just overnight! From 15 copies sold per day to 2,000 copies a day, that’s phenomenal growth!

Do you also want to use a book blurb to help sell your book like-crazy?

I love writing compelling copy that can grab the attention of your target reader. Let me help write a sales pitch for your book that feels authentic and riveting to the target readers. 

Who is this for?

  • Anyone whose work is about to get published with any type of publisher, traditional or hybrid, or even someone who is self-published

  • Anyone whose work is published and wants to see how marketing copy makes a difference to reader engagement

  • Anyone who is struggling writing a compelling book blurb and product description  

  • Any writer who wants their work to be discovered by the lakhs of consumers spending time online, ready to purchase  your book

What will you get?

  • Title (better than competing titles)

  • Subtitle (the one thing that tells readers what they can expect from your book)

  • A compelling book blurb (in sync with expectations of your target reader groups)

  • A long and short author bio (that not just sets the tone for the story but also positions the creator as a pro)

  • Market research report (an easy to read assessment of the position your work can occupy in a crowded market)

  • Categories (the most useful but the most ignored metadata in book product description)
    *T & C Apply
    What should you send?
    Please email the chapter wise summary, synopsis, author bio, table of contents, three sample chapters and e-commerce links to your book, if any. If you don't have all, send whatever is feasible and we can connect.


7042295399 (WhatsApp only)

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